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I have owned and been around dogs for over 40 years.  Currently, I have a German Shepherd puppy.   As we all know puppies are often seen biting and eating anything they can.  Our dog is no exception, she will try to eat anything she can get in her mouth.  Much of the things that are posted were researched while training my new puppy.

This past July, we lost our almost 10-year-old German Shepherd to a short battle with cancer.   Cancer came on pretty unexpectedly and she was quickly overcome by it.  Due to the cancer being metastasized all over her lungs, unfortunately, she was inoperable.

We were quickly overcome with grief when we learned she had cancer.  After being diagnosed we only had about 5 days with her to say our goodbyes.

One of the easiest ways in my opinion to cope with the loss of a pet is to get another one.  My family’s love for the breed led us to get another German Shepherd puppy pretty soon after she died.  My Puppy’s name is Clove, she is pictured below.

MY GSD Clove - about us

Clove is my second GSD, she comes from a titled working line dame and sire.   As a result, she is pretty high energy and has a tendency to explore everything she can with her mouth.   She also has a pretty high prey drive which she likes to demonstrate on our two cats.  One of them plays along while the other gets nasty pretty fast.

While I do remember that my past dogs always tried to eat things as puppies, I do not recall them having the same level of drive as Clove.  Before we started training her, we could not turn our backs on her for a few seconds.  If we had, she would immediately be chewing on something. Now that she is getting older, she is 6 months at the time of writing this, it is a little bit easier.

Constant chewing is pretty normal for teething puppies.   We now offer her plenty of beef cheeks and other chew items to satisfy this need. The beef cheeks that we go on amazon have been a lifesaver. So far she has not destroyed any shoes or anything like that.

Even after we started training, on occasion, she does still get into things that she should not.  This is what lead to the creation of this website.  Can Dogs Eat is intended to be a source of information on what is safe and what is not safe for dogs to eat?  Dog nutrition made simple!

Can Dogs Eat – The Situation That Started It All

Let’s Face it, dogs are very much like having young toddlers at home.  You can’t turn your back on them for 20 seconds without something going into their mouth.  This is especially true if you have a young puppy at home.

Have you ever been in a situation where your dog ate something unexpectedly and you didn’t know what to do?    Well, I have and that is how the idea behind Can Dogs Eat was born.  It can be quite concerning when your dog gets into something that was not intended for them to eat.

The first time we had a real issue with clove is when we left some chocolate chip cookies in the pantry to cool off. Clove is typically crated when we leave the house and this time was no different. She somehow figured out how to wiggle the door on her crate enough that she was able to defeat the lock. We had around 12 cookies cooling in the pantry when we left, by the time we got home there were only 1 or two of them left.

Well, clove had eaten the other 10 cookies. At first, I was thinking ok she might get a stomach ache or some gas. Then I saw how many chocolate chips were in the cookies and we freaked out a bit. I had heard in the past that dogs can’t eat any chocolate and it can be fatal etc. So you can imagine what was racing through my mind.

I quickly grabbed my laptop and started researching how much chocolate was toxic and how bad it is for dogs. I looked at like 10 – 15 websites before I finally found a cool tool on the merk veterinarian website that shows you how much chocolate is actually required for toxic levels. This painful search is what gave me the idea to create an all-inclusive website that deals with dog nutrition in general. Thus this website, www.candogseat.co, was born.

Can Dogs Eat - About

The Concept Behind The Site

So the idea behind this website is that it will be a place for dog owners to read about what dogs can and cannot eat. The plan is to cover as many foods as possible. Since this is a passion project with only a few people contributing, it will take a while to build this all out. Please let us know via the Contact page if there is a topic you would like covered, we are always open to new ideas.

Also please be aware, this is not intended to be medical advice. If your pet ingested something you think may be toxic it is always best to contact a veterinarian. We will cover the topics as best as possible, but it is always a good idea to get the opinion of a medical professional.

Categories Covered

We are going to break this site down into a few categories. The first things covered on the site are going to be the common fruits and vegetables.  We also plan to address baked goods, spices, condiments, raw meats, holiday meals, and some other random dog nutrition topics.  Each of the topics in the categories will be meticulously researched to get you the best possible answer with the latest studies and information.

We will try to keep opinions out of this where possible.  As stated on the home page, some of the answers that we come up with will be against the grain.  It seems so many sites are quick to follow the leaders even if the evidence does not support their claims.

We would also like to offer information on our own unique experience in feeding dogs the Barf Diet.  We have been using the Barf model for over  7 years.  Clove is the first puppy that we are raising entirely raw food and she is thriving!  Our previous dogs were also 100% raw fed but they were not started on raw food as puppies.  So you can expect to see information about raw feeding, there probably will not be much about kibble.  We have not used kibble in about 8 or 9  years as the main source of dog food.

newsletter - about

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Thanks for reading!

Affiliate Marketing

This website is supported by ad revenue and affiliate links.  From time to time affiliate links will be posted that we earn a small commission from if you use these links to purchase something.   These commissions are at no cost to you but do help support our efforts.    We appreciate you for helping to support our efforts.  Thank you!

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