can dogs eat mango?

Mango Mania: Exploring Dogs’ Safe Side!

Have you ever considered sharing a new juicy mango with your furry friend? Did that have you wondering can dogs eat mango? Yes, dogs can eat mango in moderation. Mangos are not toxic to dogs! However, this is not one of those fruits that they should eat on a daily basis. There are also some considerations as to how your feed the dog mango. Do not let your dog eat a whole mango, this could cause life-threatening issues.

This sometimes overly sweet snack is loaded with beneficial vitamins and minerals for your dog. The typical mango is packed with fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Folate, and Copper. They also have the benefit of being fat-free, cholesterol-free, and sodium free just like watermelon. This makes them an ideal snack for your dog as long as it is fed in moderation.

Health Risks For Dogs Eating Mangos

There are a few main things to be concerned with if you feed your dog mango. First and foremost, never fed your dog a mango that does not have the pit removed. It should be pretty obvious that the pit is a choking hazard for any size dog. Even if the dog is able to break the pit into smaller pieces in its jaws, it could still cause a bowel obstruction.

The second less obvious thing most do not know about the pit is that it contains a chemical called amygdalin. This chemical when broken down by digestive processes creates cyanide. Cyanide is not good for a dog, in fact, it is toxic. It is unknown how many pits would need to be eaten in order for toxicity to occur. It is more likely the dog would succumb to a bowel obstruction before it got poisoned by them.

dogs should not eat mango pits

Avoid Feeding Mango To Diabetic Dogs

Mangos are one of those fruits that is naturally high in sugars. For this reason alone, dogs with diabetes should not be given large amounts of them. The dog can become hypoglycemic if too much sugar is consumed at one time. There are also other things to consider with sugars. Excess amounts of sugar in a dos diet can cause live enlargement, it can help feed harmful bacteria and fungus in a dog’s GI tract. So it would be best to avoid feeding large amounts if any at all to diabetic dogs.

What happens if my dog eats a mango?

Hopefully, nothing happens if a dog eats a whole mango. However, there are a few things that could happen. A large amount of sugar and high fiber could cause the dog to have some GI issues such as vomiting and diarrhea. The main concern if a dog ate a whole mango is a pit that is contained within. This pit could become lodged in the dog’s throat or even in its bowels. An obstructed bowel is a very costly thing to fix at the veterinarian if it’s even operable. Mangos should not be left out if you have a dog that is prone to eating things it shouldn’t.

If your dog does happen to at the whole mango, be on the lookout for any behavioral changes. Beyond the vomiting and diarrhea, you want to observe if there are any changes in appetite. This could indicate that the dog’s bowel is obstructed and it should be seen by a veterinarian.

Can dogs eat raw mango?

Yes, dogs can eat raw mango in moderation. They should not eat more than a few percent of their diet per day as any one fruit. If you are going to feed your dog raw mango, it is best to cut it into slices or cubes similar to the way people eat them. The only other safe way to feed your dog mango is gently cooked. It has to be cooked via steam or grilled with no flavor enhancers.

Can dogs eat dried mango?

No, dogs should not eat dried mango. It will not harm them if they get a few dried mango slices, however, there are some that can cause GI issues. Some dried mangos are covered in chile powder to make them spicy, these can easily cause GI issues in the dog. Another reason to avoid the dried version of the fruit is the lack of vitamins and minerals. Most of the healthy vitamins are gone when the fruit is dried, leaving you with mostly sugar.

Can puppies eat mango?

Yes, puppies can eat mango. The servicing size for a puppy should be limited to a few small chunks per day. They do not need to consume high-sugar foods as part of their diet. This should be considered more of a treat than a food item for a puppy.

How many mangoes can a dog eat per day?

This depends on the size of the dog and the size of the mango. For the most part, the dog does not need to have very much fruit in their diet per day. Small dogs should be limited to an oz per day while large dogs can handle 2-3 oz per day without issue. Do not throw off your dog’s balanced diet by adding too much fruit. A healthier alternative to mango is Blackberries, Cranberries, Bean Sprouts, or Broccoli.

Can dogs eat mango skin?

Yes, dogs can eat mango skin, however, it is not recommended. The skin can cause issues with digestion and they also can contain pesticides depending on if they were conventionally grown or not. The skins should be removed and discarded. Only feed the flesh of the fruit to your dog.

Can dogs eat mango ice cream?

While the mango in the ice cream is not toxic to dogs, this item should not be part of their daily diet. There are too many added sugars in ice cream along with fats. Dogs do not have the ability to digest fats very well and they can cause a painful inflammation of the pancreas called pancreatitis.
dried mango have too much sugar

Summary: Can Dogs Eat Mango

  • Dogs can eat mango raw or cooked, They are not toxic
  • Mango Pits and skin should be removed before feeding to your dog
  • Pits can cause a serious bowel obstruction
  • Other Health Fruits: Apples, Pears, Oranges, Mandarin Oranges
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