can dogs eat pears

Can Dogs Eat Pears Safely?

Pears are typically a fall fruit here in the USA. There are only a few main varieties that are sold in grocery stores. Locally we can get Bosch, Anjo, Barlett, and Red pears. They make delicious additions to a garden salad and are even good when eaten alone. If you have ever sliced a pear up with your dog standing nearby, I am sure your furry friend tried to beg for a piece.

I bet you wondered if dogs can eat pears.

The good news is that yes dogs can eat pears safely. The skins and flesh are entirely harmless to them, in fact, they are beneficial for them. The exception is the seeds. They have the same issue that is found with apple and orange seeds. More on that later. So if you feed your dog pears, it is best to remove the seeds. You may also want to skin them if they are not organic. This can help reduce exposure to pesticide residue.

dogs should not eat pear seeds

Can pears be toxic to dogs?

The only part of the pear that can be toxic is the seeds. To become toxic, the dog has to crush the seeds so the insides are exposed before swallowing them. Exposing the inner part of the seed places amygdalin directly in the dog’s digestive tract. This toxic substance turns into hydrogen cyanide when it comes in contact with the dog’s digestive enzymes. The good news is there is very little of the toxin in pear seeds. The dog would have to eat a lot to have any major issues with the toxins.

can diabetic dogs eat pears?

Pears are naturally high in sugar. However, they are safe for diabetic dogs in moderation. They are about 9% sugar by weight. As a result, they should not be fed in large quantities to diabetic dogs. In reality, they should not be fed in large amounts to any dog. Adding sugars from fruits is not really necessary for dogs to develop or maintain a healthy life. If you follow the Barf diet as I do, dogs only need 2% of their daily caloric intake to be fruit. That does not really amount to very much per day.

Getting back to the diabetic dog, pears are ok for them in small amounts. Pears have a glycemic index of about 38 which means they only mildly can affect blood sugar levels. Again the key is portion control for a dog with restricted diet requirements. Asian pears are even lower on the index, they fall right around 25. They may be a better choice for a diabetic dog.

can dogs eat canned pears?

No, dogs should not eat canned pears. If the dog happens to grab some from your plate it most likely will not harm them. However, they should not be part of their regular diet. They are very high in sugar, which dogs do not need to consume.

Can dogs eat unripe pears?

While unripe pears may be harder to chew, they are safe for your dog to eat. If you have a small dog, cut them into smaller pieces so they don’t choke. Do not let your dog eat overripe pears that are covered in mold. mold is harmful to dogs.

Can dogs eat cactus pears?

can dogs eat cactus pears

There is little information from the ASPCA that says dogs can eat cactus pears. There is evidence to support that the cactus pears contain a high amount of calcium oxalate. This chemical can cause some issues in the dog. This type of oxalate can cause irritation in the mouth, drooling, and vomiting. Some dogs are also susceptible to calcium oxalate kidney and bladder stones. It is best to avoid feeding your dog cactus pears.

Besides the calcium oxalate issue, the cactus pear is also covered in tiny hair sizes thorns called glochids. These can cause extreme irritation to the dog’s mouth, tongue, eyes, or anywhere else it touches. For this fruit, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. Avoid it!

Can dogs eat Asian pears?

can dogs eat Asian pears

Yes, dogs can eat Asian pears. There is nothing toxic to dogs in Asian pears. They are just as healthy for dogs as the other varieties of pear. Do not let your dog eat the seeds.

Can my dog eat a whole pear?

Yes, a dog can eat a whole pear. However, you should not let your dog consume pears whole because they can be a choking hazard and they also contain seeds. If your dog eats enough of them, the seeds can cause harm. Crushed pear seeds break down into cyanide in the dog’s digestive tract. They can become toxic if enough is eaten.

Do dogs like pears?

Yes, most dogs like pears. They offer both a sweet taste and the crunch that dogs crave. Since they are healthy for dogs, let your dog try a small piece next time you are enjoying a pear. If they tolerate it, you can give larger portions the next time.

Summary: Can Dogs Eat Pears?

  • Dogs can eat pears raw, cooked, ripe, or unripe.
  • Dogs should not eat cactus pears
  • Dogs should not eat the pear seeds, they are toxic when digested
  • Other healthy fruits to try – Cranberries, Mango, Oranges, Watermelon, Pineapple

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